You Are Everything

You are a Mother -
Your voice resembling a nightingale’s,
Strings melody that beckons sleep.
Hands soft as a feather, soothe the heart injured deep.
Hug so warm, melts the snowy caps of a solitary life.
Lap like a cushion, comforts souls wounded by strife.

You are a Grandmother -
Your wisdom ripened by age,
Lights paths towards a bright tomorrow.
Love that flies beyond the clouds
And leaves a beautiful rainbow.
Compassion that transcends logic and reason,
Unlocks the chains of jailed principles.
Sacrifices that fortify the bludgeoned spirit,
Resuscitates the dying scruples.

You are a lover -
Your heat melts cold hearts,
Flaming the love buried deep in the hearth.
Passion that blazes
Ignites the frigid desires of the flesh torn apart.
Tenderness so encompassing,
Wraps the naked emptiness of a desolate phantom.
Caress so electrifying
Awakens the sleeping embers of ardor
That was once doomed.

You are a friend -
Fortress of a wounded cavalier
Wide open arms that tame a wanderlust drifter
Haven of cordiality that provides home to a vagabond
Boundless affection
That breaks the walls of a lover imprisoned.

Woman, you are everything to the world,
Without you, mankind will never be bold.

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