Internet Radio Tips and Help

Joko Jun Radio is an Internet radio broadcasting music by Filipinos around the world.

Broadcasting with aacPlus v2 audio, Joko Jun streams at 24 kb/s. What is aacPlus? The audio format aacPlus v2 is an audio compression format enabling great sound at extremely low bitrates. Common trade names for aacPlus v2 includes HE-AAC v2, eAAC+, AAC++, Enhanced AAC+. In other words, an audio format with great sound on slow or fast Internet connection.


iTunes media player is available Mac.

You might need to configure your Mac to automatically open iTunes when you listen. Download the Joko Jun Radio "Listen" link. Click on that m3u file you just downloaded. From the file menu choose "Get Info". Then, from the "Open With" Tab choose iTunes. Under "Use this application to open all documents like this", click on "Change all".

VLC media player and Audacious are also available for Mac.

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch will all play the radio.


Winamp, the "lite version" is just perfect, or any Winamp version you prefer.

Quintessential Player (QCD) with MP4 Plug-in installed. You might need to set the MP4 plug-in as the first preferred format in the QCD preference.

XMPlay with AAC/MP4 input plugin installed is another player to use.


xmms or any media player using the AudioCoding FAAD2 decoder library.

Android Phones

VLC and XiiaLive are both available in the Android Marketplace.

Treo Smartphones

Pocket Tunes music player for Treo smartphones is available.

Windows Mobile

VLC for Windows Phone is available for free from Microsoft Store.


Xbox Media Center for Microsoft Xbox game console is capable of playing the radio. Just save the listen link. Then copy the file to somewhere where you can play it from XBMC using the DVD-Player.


You can use any player that supports the audio format aac+ or aacPlus to listen to Joko Jun Radio.


The radio does not play on your player? Generally, it's because you probably do not have the latest version of the player with aacPlus v2 support. Download and install the latest version of any player with aacPlus v2 support.

Your player does not start when you try to listen? Your computer is not setup to use radio playlist with your player. Most player installations automatically do this. In a pinch, you can copy and paste the listen link into your player.

Inside Joko Jun

Joko Jun features Filipinos from around the world... musicians, writers, photographers, and other creative people.