Psychic Runner

While cooling down after my usual run, a sexy blond girl with blue eyes captured me like armed robbery. She stared at me intensely and said...

"Wow! You've got such a positive aura about you. Something you've been waiting for is on its way to you. It's probably on its way right now as we speak. You will be going through some good changes."

I had this big smile on my face while she was talking. I asked her how she knew dead-on about me. She told me she was a psychic.

Sweet, psychic meets another psychic.

Did I ever tell you that I'm a psychic myself?

Well, sort off. I can look at you and can see what you're thinking. It's like I hear a million thoughts at night coming from so many voices. Sometimes they keep me up.

That sounds a little crazy, eh?

We all have this extra perception, but that we're conditioned to disbelieve in our natural abilities. Those of us who break free can still exercise our long lost gifts.

Have you ever wanted to be psychic?

Try to put yourself onto another person's mindset and focus on the inner workings of that person as it relates to their world. Feel what that person is feeling inside.
Visualize their thoughts and interpret them. It might seem like you are imagining and hearing words. Get familiar with the presence of the psychic energy involved. When you get a perception that something begins to happen, that's it, you will feel that you just know.

Now, practice your psychic ability with strangers. Perhaps, when you go for a run.

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