My True Love

Have you ever been in love? Did you ever feel that sudden rush of elation and indescribable feeling that makes you smile whenever you think of him? Or you feel like sitting on the soft, fluffy clouds whenever your eyes meet? Yes! I think among all human experiences, nothing can beat the experience of being in love. Even when you were once hurt by it and regret everything about it, still you would say, "it’s all worth every tear." How much more if the experience is filled with so much happiness, that you wouldn’t want it to end, or you want it to last forever...

This is the experience that I have with love. Every time his eyes meet mine, I feel like I’m the most beautiful person in this world, that nobody can steal his attention away from me. It’s like I am the only creature who exists... It feels like there’s only the two of us in this world. Have you ever experienced this before? Have you ever been loved as much as this?

Such experience of love, made me value myself more. The more he makes me feel special, the more I realize my self-worth. This love, inspires me to wake up every morning with a big smile, knowing that in a little while, I’ll be with him again. I can imagine him come closer, with face beaming and eyes sparkling as if to say, "You made me glow with pride." Everyday as I go on with my life, this love remains in my heart and in my mind –- empowering me, making me enthusiastic in facing every challenge that comes my way. His big smile erases all the pain I have in my heart, erasing the bitter memories. He is not only a beloved, but above all he is a friend –- willing to listen to anything I want to say. He is a father, my source of strength and my guide and he can be a mother too, for he nurtures me, and makes sure I have everything I need.

Yes, this was true love. I experienced several years ago when I sat in silence for a meditation. I never expected it to happen. I never thought it could happen to me. Yes, I experienced it with God. I never thought that this-worldly feeling could be felt with God. But I did, and I cannot just make this up because whenever I think of Him, the feeling of being so deeply in love comes back. When the Bible told us about God as a friend, a father and a mother, I didn’t understand what it meant until I experienced God’s unlimited love myself. No, don’t mistake me as someone who will become a nun because I never want to. I believe that my calling to serve Him is not within the confines of a convent but out in the open. Having Him for a True Love means I can always fill myself with His love, which will enable me to share His love to others.

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