The Adverse Result of Multitasking


Loud and crisp!

I pressed SEND then off it went straight to... guess where?

My boss’s YM window!

@#$%... Panic... Panic!

Undo! Undo!


YMs don’t have UNDO button. I wanted to call the Yahoo! Hotline and scream. "Please add UNDO button now!"

It happened one lazy Saturday, a working day for some of us who live in this part of the world but that day, I was working from home since I declared my own holiday. My boss did not mind at all. He knew well that when urgent matters come up, time and location are not an issue for me. So, he couldn’t care less about my whereabouts. He seemed to be contented with my virtual presence anyway.

This is what I love about technology, I can work whenever and wherever I want. However, that day, whatever love and appreciation I have for technology was immediately purged when that all-caps-word fell in my boss’s YM window.

It was my fault. I was multitasking "to the max." Four open YM windows: my best friend, my cousin, my boss and one smart guy (who kept my gray cells active these past few days.) Plus, that day being the first day of work after a 5-day-holiday, my phone didn't stop ringing. On top of all these, my roommate was seriously sharing her childhood experience with me and expected me to talk... whew!

Honestly, I am fond of multitasking because it allows no space for homesickness and boredom. I am an extreme person. I only entertain 2 possibilities: either I am loaded with work or no work at all. I could not stand long gaps between tasks.

That Saturday, however, my skill in multitasking was tested.

"Are you trying to teach me a new word?" My boss asked.

Uhmmm... I couldn’t think of a decent excuse for my indecency. While thinking, I replied with my favorite phrase when I’m buying time: "One sec..." Now what? What should I say?

I immediately regretted using that all-caps-word. I never used that in my entire cyber life, but I was boiling with anger and only that word can best express my entire emotion.

No, don’t ask me what it means... it’s not even worth translating...

Translation! Yes! That all-caps-word is our native language and my boss couldn’t understand it! Thank God!

I was relieved but the sudden rush of adrenaline made my whole nervous system hyperactive. I didn’t realize that from then on all I did was:


Oh my! Not again... not again!

I hit SEND and the link which was meant for my best friend landed in Mr. Smart Guy’s window.

The bungling didn't end there... I suggested a brilliant management idea to my best friend. And I sent genuinely consoling words to my cousin who, at that time, couldn’t contain her happiness because she received the Christmas gift that she wanted all her life.

My roommate noticed that I was not paying attention to her anymore, so, she went to bed and sleep.

My phone finally got drained.

My four YM buddies might have noticed that something’s wrong with me. My boss was the first to say, "Bye for now! Talk to you tomorrow." Mr. Smart Guy, being a smart guy, figured out what I was going through and said, "I'll just leave you and your friend alone. You two are getting confused on YM windows." My best friend on the other hand suddenly became silent while my cousin mellowed down.


"I should click that meditation link that I sent to my best friend... I need it now." I muttered. I did a one-minute-meditation and felt better.

When I finally regained my sanity, I looked back at what happened…are those blunders the ADVERSE RESULT of MULTITASKING or MULTITASKING was just a RESULT of my coping with the ADVERSITY that I am going through?

Perhaps I need to meditate longer...

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