Loving Beethoven

Beset with depression he did go for a walk
Everyday the same walk
In a sense, every man made such a pilgrimage
Full of ambitions and not without vanity
He felt himself an enormous sense of power
But signs of deafness began to show

He was extreme in his reactions
Both in joy and in despair
He poured out his misery
In a long document called "Testament"

"Speak louder, shout, for I am deaf"
"What a humiliation when one stood beside me"
"And heard a flute in the distance"
"And I heard nothing"

It is cruel to say
That his deafness moved to be a blessing for music
Yet at this time
He composed the serenely lovely "Second Symphony"

He made music "human"
Like him, he has delighted humour
Like him, he loved nature
Like him and in spite of doubts, believed in the victory of life
Such was the famous musical genius
Who can explain him?
Only Beethoven

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