War. Lost lives. The fire that tears lovers apart. The flames of war are ablaze once again.

“General --- we are losing men. We need you and your troops ---”

Legna sat on his chair and kept on looking at the window. He was pretending to be serious in listening to the captain’s request for back-up.

“General Legna!”

“Hmmm?” He cocked his head and looked at the captain. “I ---” and suddenly, Turill, his adviser, who was standing by the doorway, cleared his throat and finished Legna’s sentence. “--- will get ready.” He looked at Legna and then at the captain. “You can return to your defense post now.” Bowing, the captain then went out the door and resumed post.

“General… we have to get ready now.”

Turill placed his eyes on the general once again. Legna continued to stare at the window. Briskly walking toward the General, Turill sighed before patting him on the shoulder. Legna kept his position.

“You need to get ready Legna. They need you out there.”

He raised his right hand and waved it a little; as if to shoo away his adviser. “I’m not going Turill.” he finally replied.

“Legna, the Fort’s in danger…”

“Why is the Fort in danger then? Tell me…”

“Legna… This isn’t the right time for this…”

The General stood up; Turill watched him. Lazily turning around to face his adviser, he showed him a sharp dagger and smirked. Turill blinked before he calmly answered. “They want the Chosen One. The Light-bringer; the Martyr.”

“Do you know why this war never ends?” Legna asked monotonously as he slowly looked back at the window. “Isn’t it because we keep on fighting back Turill? We just keep at it. Playing their game... Slaying… wasting…”

“My boy that is all we can do right now --- fight back.”

He gripped tight on the dagger he was holding. “That’s just what you think.”

“That’s what everybody thinks. It is the only way ---”

“The only way? THE ONLY WAY?”

He slammed a fist on his table. “We are losing lives because of this useless war for power. We are destroying families… Depleting humanity. Imagine!” Roaring as he pulled off his cloak, Legna then stomped towards the window. So many were fighting outside; soldiers from each kingdom risking their lives, some badly injured and already on the ground, some… already dead. They could have had a much better life. With their loved ones, enjoying their lives, Legna thought as he tried to observe. “And what do you think would happen after either of the kingdoms wins this war?” He scoffed before he answered his own question. “A short period of peace but war will spark out again. And that is for revenge.”

Thoughtfully nodding as the General finished, Turill cracked out a small smile. “If you are not going to fight, then what does the ‘Blue Dragon of the Crimson Sky’ intend to do? Hmmm?” Legna turned to face him. “I’ll try talking--- send some of my men to… negotiate with them.” he answered truthfully, like a little child being asked of what he wanted to be when he grew up. Broadening his smile, it was Turill’s turn to scoff at the General. “Ho. You ARE still young General. Now may I remind you that our kingdom has sent countless men to, let’s say, parley with our enemies… and what do we hear from them?” He examined Legna’s puzzled yet firm expression on his face before continuing. “Their deaths, my boy. YES, THEIR DEATHS.”

Angrier than ever, Legna threw the dagger he was holding on to on the floor, his heart beating faster and his mind going crazy. “What the hell do you want me to do then?!”

“I want you to fight. For your sake --- for our kingdom’s sake!”

“I am NOT fighting! I never wanted to fight for this god-forsaken kingdom --- I never wished to be PART of this kingdom!” Legna bolted towards his adviser and grabbed him by his robe’s collar. “I loathed this kingdom… did you know that?” Turill smiled again as he gestured to the General to let go of him. “Of course I know… I am your adviser ---”

“Shut up!” Slamming Turill’s back on the wall, he gritted his teeth, his blazing jade green orbs making contact with Turill’s calm blue ones. “You think you know everything… Well you don’t. Angelus… she’s the only reason.”

“Let go of me Legna.” Turill politely asked him as he looked away from Legna’s fiery gaze. Ignoring his adviser, he continued. “She’s the reason why I joined the knights… Why I worked and trained so hard. All for her! HER!”



He had let go of him and his fist found its way to the wall. “Another reminder,” Turill straightened his robe and walked a few steps away from Legna,” You’re not the only one who joined the force for Angelus. More than half of those fighting outside are fighting for her.”

“They’re fighting because SHE’LL boost this kingdom because of her powers!” Legna bickered.

“Why? Isn’t that reason enough to fight?”

Turill’s voice sounded harsh as he stood there, his back facing the General.

“I’m not fighting for that reason,” he reasoned out, “I fight because…”

“Don’t tell me you love her. You know a Martyr is stripped of any human emotion after the rituals. It’s impossible for her to ‘love’ you back.” Turill chided as-a-matter-of-factly. Kicking the table and throwing his sword at his adviser’s feet, Legna glared at the back of Turill’s head. “You don’t know anything! She … she loves me ---”

“You’re hallucinating.”

“NO! She told me alright?! She told me… right before I accepted the duty of being a General…”
Turill whirled around and faced him, his eyes filled with disbelief.

“You met her? You as a knight… You of all people should know that NO ONE is allowed to take even a mere glimpse, or speak or come any close to the Martyr!”


“Legna, my boy,” his adviser’s voice started to sound concerned, “We can’t just keep on arguing here. You have to go out there and fight.”

“No.” Legna looked away.

“Understand Legna ---”


“You are being childish! Don’t you know that at this very moment, your precious ANGELUS is in danger? If they get through our defenses and enter the fort, they’ll have a chance of taking the Martyr. Now do you want that to happen?”

Slowly shaking his head, Legna then softly muttered in defeat, “… No.”

“Then fight. Get out there and fight. For Angelus.” Picking up the sword at his feet, Turill handed it back to Legna. Legna stared at his reflection on his blade as he stood there, not knowing what to do.
Turill looked around before he spoke to the General.

“Are you ready?”

Legna looked up at the sky, silent. Screams of pain, yells of determination and shouts for help were echoing all around him but only Angelus was on his mind. If the war did end, would they even have a chance to be together? The Martyr and the Great General Legna? Would they even be allowed? A tap on the shoulder brought him back to reality and he glanced over at his adviser before looking at the battlefield he was going to get his men and himself into.

“Are you ready General?”

“No.” he blankly answered right before thrusting his sword in the air and dashing into war followed by his troops.

Blood. Hate. Greed. Suffering --- all because of war. It leaves families broken; love torn; souls tainted. No one can stop it.

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