Journal Entry

September 23, 1990.

I am yearning... yearning for the time when I will have enough power to destroy this world. This filthy unpurified place you call HOME.

I will make my own utopia! I will make it for everyone's sake. And i will wholly and gladly take your life away to better my creation.

Do not worry.

This is for your own sake! I only think of what's best for everybody and death I should say is the primarily recommended option. I shall set you free and let you live happily in your own world of dreams while i take pleasure in mine... You go with all those you love while I enjoy my time alone here with my masterpiece! My desire... It is mine and mine alone and


will stop me.

I will someday soon free Earth form all impurity and be proud. Be happy and content. And no one will stop me... Not even you. All of you greatly annoy me when all I wish to do is help. And so I will end your lives to help you and myself. You shan't bother me. You shouldn't dare to.

September 26, 1990.

These walls are stopping me from creating my utopia... These people in white coats are restraining my hands from reaching out

They're stopping me.

They're stopping me

They can't STOP ME.

October 9, 1990.

Don't touch me. Don't talk to me. I loathe you! What's this? This filth? Get out of my sight! The likes of you boil my cold blood and set anger in my soul.


October 24, 1990.

Can I ask you something? Am I bliss to your world? Or the punishment for all your sins? Am I here to erase your existence for my own pleasure?

I am confused.

But no matter, I will continue on my mission; Utopia... Annihilate all human beings.

November 12, 1990.

You who always reads this... Who are you?

hahaha You must be crazy.

All of you here must be crazy! Telling me I'm nuts... I'm deranged... ME? Do you even know who I am? I was sent here to save all of you... To save the world. Yet you dare lock me up within these four walls...

Nothing's wrong with me. Maybe you're just jealous that I became the chosen one... I was chosen first... No wonder. Nothing's wrong with me.

And soon I'll break these walls and you'll regret locking me up instead of helping me bring you a better world


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