I never knew what homesickness means,
For in the past it’s easy to go home once it knocks.

It is at home where…
I can feel my mother’s comforting embrace when I’m scared.
Her pampering gestures clothe me when I’m bare.
All these remind me that I’m loved and cared.

I lie on her lap while her fingers slowly brush my tresses.
Her gentle rub on my back frees me from stress.
All these remind me that I am special and blessed.

I lean on her shoulders and start to cry,
Her words of wisdom wipe my eyes dry,
All these remind me that whenever I’m down she’s nigh.

Now that I’m far from home,
I realized it’s difficult to live alone
And that I know for sure,
No one can replace a mother’s hug,
Nothing compares to a mother’s love.

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