Earthen Souls

There’s only one thing we can’t hide,
And it’s the ghosts hiding inside us, the unknown self,
The very reason why we are human, our natural being,
The core of every man’s haunted spirit.

It’s unnerving how every man sinned, and can sin,
Then justify his actions because he is just a man,
Blaming; cursing, trying to make an excuse, a scapegoat.
It’s easy to point fingers at others; destroying each other.

Like a man, we act and feel as a man,
And with the power we hold in our hands,
We abuse; we oppress; we step at the heads of the masses,
The lonely; the vulnerable; the weak and the innocents.

Man, man, man. Are we humane?
We hold the world with our own ways, yet unsatisfied,
We create a hierarchy to discover power to behold,
Living is very different with what we call life, its being exclusive.

The Almighty have been very blissful, we ought to know,
But granting these beings with innate authority, with an aura of power,
We tried to create our own image; creating our own nemesis!
It’s a way a man cannot be damned, it’s a mystery.

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