Crappy Thoughts in the Can

As I contemplate to sit on you now
I marvel at your sparkling beauty
Had second thoughts about my intentions
But I know you couldn't be more thankful
Because I will help let you serve your purpose
The urge is there, the needing to be on top of you
And so I sat and felt it
Your smooth, cold hardness
Sent ripples against my skin
As I close my eyes and do my thing
Can't help thinking of the irony
I wont sit on you unless your sterile enough
Only for me to unload a days worth of crap
And when I'm finally done
All feeling clean and satisfied
I thought of just how
I made you feel used and dirty
And then I recall
Having felt the same thing before
"Somewhere, sometime, with someone?"
And as I leave, I seem to heard you call
Looking back at you, I thought I see you grin
"I am filthy, but I have served my purpose."
You seem to tell me
And as I walk away, your proud taunting still in my head
I can't bare the realization
That a toilet bowl just mocked me
In all its filthy, gleaming glory

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