In a velvet kind of world, there is only one shadow,
The shadow of unknown silhouettes that glares aimlessly,
Beyond everyone’s expectations, it’s still there: appearing,
But it is hidden; lost and confined...

If you stare, you won’t see it, don’t dare!
Each corner and every tip of it’s misunderstood form,
Cannot be mimicked and never to show,
It is a mystery; an enigma; a trick...

Gather all the towers of strength to endure, do it!
The power of struggle and future hoping,
Maybe one day, it’s true colors will be seen,
Hiding like a chameleon; mimicry, all are lies...

Shout for comfort and peace of mind, say it!
The shadows of illusion may be soon revealed,
The mystery; the enigma; the trick and the mimicry,
Are bowing like stars lost in the sky, yet it is confined...

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