Charming Guy

He introduces himself to her and gives out his hand. She shakes it with such confidence and smile, with such bursting congeniality that she almost surprises herself. Since when was she this good at introductions? Now only if she remembers where she left her voice... time stood still for a moment and she finds herself stuck in half a breath ago.

She is thinking in the little details. Why is it even hard to retain where his fingers hold her grip? How does his voice sounded when he said her name? How does he smile his little smile? One moment was all it took, for her anyway. Besides, she memorized this introduction scene already. This is how she always introduced herself when she entertained fancies about her. Except of course, the teensy-weensy detail that there are twenty times more people here than in dreamy dream land.

But it does not matter that much. The din slowly fades away and everything seems to be in slow-motion like a romance sequences in the movies when the protagonist meets her soul mate. Well, for the next few minutes it seemed like it was just the two of them in the room... until the microphone feedback brings her tumbling back down to reality: the New Year count down begins. She clears her throat, "10... 9... 8... " So much for romance sequences. Some things never change, it was almost funny.

And in one quick blur, he set off to his seat at the back of the room, as if he comes up to everybody and introduces himself to nobody everyday. Well, maybe he does his job, after all. Just when he thought the stars were conspiring to make a fairy tale come true.

She sips her wine and looks over her shoulder, subtly, of course, to see where he seats. He is talking to some bitch... err... beautiful girl. Perhaps she is his girlfriend; or perhaps a new acquaintance. They are laughing a little, like they have talked to each other their entire lives. She watches them perform their game. Did he introduce himself to her, too? Did he smile that way and let his fingertips linger for the slightest time on her palm too? Is the din fading away for them, the world spinning in slow-motion like in the movies? Well, maybe it is. Looks like the stars are not on her side tonight. Was it already mentioned that some things never change?

She checks her watch... half a lifetime and twenty minutes after New Year’s Eve... the shortest unrequited love affair on her book. The last one took forever and six months, at least. And after dozens of her own episodes of near-hits and misses with self-proclaimed soul mates, she was sensible enough not to hope too much on this one. Besides, the charming guy was too good to be true. More appropriately, he was too good to be hers. She will probably never see him again.

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