On the Subject of Assertive Women

It is women's month and I celebrated International Women's day with simple yet courageous pride in being a woman. I wonder why there are women who simply let such a wonderful day pass by without celebrating the spirit of womanhood.

The culture of machismo that developed our society is a given fact. Men seem to have the upper hand in most cases but I believe that such is only possible when women themselves perceive themselves less human compared to the male gender. However, we must acknowledge the fact that there are women who remain ignorant because they do not welcome thoughts of self-crystallization.

For three months now, I am single. I have finally decided to get out of a relationship, for three and a half years, where minimal space for growth is given to me, it was not empty though. It was just something that can't contain my raving individualism.

I am not looking for a new love, but at least I was expecting someone to approach me, considering my present state. However, no man dared to. I wonder if I am really physically unattractive or men are simply overwhelmed by my seemingly strong personality.

I have always exuded an aura of graceful strength, at least that's how I refer to it, but majority of the population calls it, suplada or mataray. I have always been, and will forever be, vocal about my thoughts about politics and society, culture and citizenry, faith and virtue; but the mere statement of certain personal convictions seem to push away possible relationships.

Why is it that men view successful, intelligent, straightforward women as ladies whom they are impossible to approach? Is it a simple case of being torpe, or does it have something to do with the culture of machismo that man should always be superior to woman? In such case, that the man perceives the woman smarter than he is, he shies away from the possibilities simply because he cannot endure the thought of having a partner who is equally gifted as he is. Being successful, for women, becomes their weakness. Ironic isn't it?

Everyday, I wake up asking myself why there's no one who dares to even smile at me. Am I simply physically unattractive? Or does it have something to do with my personal views and the assertion that I manifest with how I communicate and project myself?

Are there really no right men yet? Or there can never be right men for women who values femininity as much as men value their machismo?

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