A Week of Solitaire

What would you do?

In fifteen days, summer vacation will be over.

My grandfather died. A couple of guys robbed their house and he died fighting to keep his money. It was tragic for us, even though I was not that close to him. I was sad because my little brother was his favorite. I used to envy my little brother, but now I realized it was wrong.

My mom asked me to stay at my grandma's place for a week. I have no other choice, I said yes.

The first day, my grandma and I never spoke to each other. She just sat in her room with cards on hand, carefully arranging them one by one.

Out of curiosity, I asked her, "What are you doing with the cards?"

She answered, "Tinatanong ko sa baraha kung ano ang magiging bukas ko."

Ha? That's weird? She went on with the card thing for two days. I got scared and called my mom. I told her that I wanted to go home.

She came over and explained about my grandma's situation. To which I said, "Yes! I'll stay with her till Sunday."

We ate meals together but all throughout the meal, she would never say anything. Silence was all over the house. I could not even break it. It felt like there was a black hole sucking every sound in that place and would cause my ears to bleed!

Days went on until my last...

My mom said she would pick me up after dinner. Surprisingly, she talked to me... finally. I did not understand a word she said, but to show a bit of appreciation, I asked her to teach me the card thing. She laughed and said, "Okay!"

Then, my mom came...

They cried when they saw each other.

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